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PartyTime 2000- Groovilicious Records
PartyTime 2001- Groovilicious Records
PartyTime 2002- Groovilicious Records
PartyTime 2003- Groovilicious Records
PartyTime 2004- Effin Records
PartyTime 2005- Effin Records
Ultimate Afterhours Vol. 1- Groovilicious Records
Ultimate Afterhours Vol. 2- Groovilicious Records
Circuit Party Vol. 8- SPG Records
Bangin 3- Tommyboy Records
Total Escape- Act 2 Records
Global Groove 3- Centaur
Global Groove Dance- Centaur
Global Groove Dance 3- Centaur
Global Groove Dance 5- Centaur
Global Groove Dance 6- Centaur

[eps, singles]
1998 Just B Good/Scream Gruvlock
1998 Everybody Get Up- Nervous Records
1999 Wer Ship- Nervous Records
1999 Get Ready- Nervous Records
1999 Scape- People Get Down- Groovilicious Records
2001 Music Takes Me Higher- G2
2005 Give Me Some More- w/ Gomi- Act 2 Compilation
2006 Yes I Do- w/ Dom Capello- Unreleased
2008 Give It On Up w/ Eddie Baez- Unreleased

2011 Listen Bitch- TKC Music
2013 Inaya Day & DJ Escape- Make Some Noise- Electronic Kingdom
2014 Robin S & DJ Escape- Shout It Out Loud
2014 Veronica & DJ Escape- Alive

Afterlife- Commandments- Nervous Records
H.O.G. Presents- Dance Disco- Groovilicious Music
Matthius- Mouth Music- Groovilicious Music
Eartha Kitt- Where Is My Man- Groovilicious Music
Jana- More Than Life- Curb Records
Cubra Libre- Funky Beats- Jellybean Records
Chocolate Puma- I Wanna Be You- Dot Dot Dot
Ke- Believer- JVM
Kathy Brown- Turn Me Out- w/Guido- J2X Records
Gloria Estafan- Turn The Beat Around- Unreleased
Tara Kemp- Hold You Tight- Unreleased
Real Life- Send Me An Angel- w/Guido- Unreleased
Todd Terry- Weekend- Unreleased
DJ Disciple- Yes- Unreleased
Dania- Little Bit Of Love- w/Guido- Unreleased
DJ JRNY feat. Ceevox- Wired- Unreleased
John Mellencamp- Jack & Diane- w/Gomi- Unreleased
Adam Sandler- Secret- w/Gomi- Unreleased
Kristine W.- The Wonder Of It All- w/Gomi- Tommyboy
B*P*M*- Angel- w/Gomi- Tommyboy
Jessica Simpson- Angels- w/Gomi- Unreleased
Jessica Simpson- Take My Breathe Away- w/Gomi- Unreleased
Monica- Should Have Known Better- w/ Gomi- Unreleased
Gwen Stefani- What You Waiting For- w/Gomi- Unreleased
Gwen Stefani- Holla Back- w/Gomi- Unreleased
Deborah Cooper- Live You- w/Gomi- Tommyboy
Vernessa Mitchell- Accept Me- w/Johnny Vicious- JVM
Jenna Drey- Killin Me- w/Gomi- Audio 1
Suzanne Palmer- Fascinated- w/Gomi- *69
Jessica Simpson These Boots- w/Gomi- Columbia
Vivian Green- Wish We Could Go Back- w/ Gomi- Columbia
Jenna Drey- Why Should I- w/ Johnny Vicious- Audio 1
Vivian Green- Cursed- w/ Johnny Vicious- Columbia
Luz Divina- Crazy- w/ Dom Capello- DeeVee
Gwen Stefani- Crash- w/ Dom Capello- Unreleased
Lauren Hildebrandt- Dance With You- w/ Dom Capello- Act2
Claudja Barry- I will Stand- w/ Dom Capello- DonnaJean
Jenna Drey- By The Way- w/ Johnny Vicious- Audio 1
Christina Aguilera- ANOM- w/ Dom Capello- Unreleased
Kim English- C’est La Vie- w/ Dom Capello- Nervous
Osha Kai- Free Your Mind- w/ Dom Capello- Act 2
Janice Robinson- The Gift- w/ Johnny Vicious- Unreleased
Rachael Panay- Real Thing- w/ Johnny Vicious- Act 2
Beyonce- Listen- w/ Dom Capello- Unreleased
Dreamgirls- One Night Only- w/ Dom Capello- Unreleased
Charlie- Love Sets You Free- w/ Tony Coluccio
Sunshine Anderson- Problems- w/ Johnny Vicious- MusicWorld
Joi Cardwell- Believe In Us- w/ Johnny Vicious- Liza
Barbara Tucker- Love Vibrations- w/ Johnny Vicious- Musicplant
Jacinta- Can’t Keep It A Secret- w/ Johnny Vicious- Musicplant
Erika Jayne- Rollercoaster- w/ Johnny Vicious- Rafelson
Dreamgirls- Dreamgirls- w/ Tony Coluccio- Sony
Dreamgirls- Heavy- w/ Dom Capello- Sony
Dreamgirls- I Am Somebody- w/ Johnny Vicious- Unreleased
Kelly Rowland- Like This- w/ Tony Coluccio- Sony
Sunshine Anderson- Forces Of Nature- w/ Johnny Vicious- Musicworld
Beyonce- GreenLight- w/ Dom Capello- Sony
Ohsha Kai- Outta My Mind- w/ Dom Capello- Act 2
Perry Twins- Activate Your Body- w/ Dom Capello
Kristine W.- Walk Away- w/ Tony Coluccio
Georgie Porgie- Lift Your Voices- w/ Dom Capello- Musicplant
Erika Jayne- Stars- w/ Johnny Vicious- Rafelson
Fredrick Ford- Out Of The Dark- w/ Dom Capello- Musicplant
Idina Menzel- I Stand- w/ Johnny Vicious- Warner
Justin Timberlake & Beyonce- End Of Time- w/ Johnny Vicious- Jive
SupaNova- Secrets- w/ Dom Capello- D1
Sarah Atereth- It Doesn’t Take Much- w/ Tony Coluccio
Justin Lanning- Take My Breathe Away- w/ Tony Coluccio
Donna Summer- Stamp Your Feet- w/ Tony Coluccio- Burgendy
Lindsey Lohan- Bossy- w/ Dom Capello- Universal
Erin Stevenson- Sweat- w/ Johnny Vicious- Dauman Music
Janice Grace- Wanna Be Beautiful- w/ Tony Coluccio
Solange- Sandcastles- w/ Tony Coluccio
Michelle Williams- Hello Heartbreak- w/ Johnny Vicious
Kristine W.- Never- w/ Johnny Vicious
Hilary Duff- Reach Out- w/ Dom Capello- Hollywood
Perry Twins feat. Nicki Harris- Bad Bad Boy- w/ Dom Capello
Boa- Eat You Up- w/ Johnny Vicious- Arsenal
Beyonce- Single Ladies- w/ Tony Coluccio- Sony
Beyonce- Put A Ring On It- w/ Dom Capello- Sony
Beyonce- Halo- w/ Dom Capelo- Sony
Beyonce- Diva- w/ Tony Coluccio- Sony
Solange- TONY- w/ Tony Coluccio- Sony
Mary Mary- God In Me- w/ Tony Coluccio- Columbia
Yen- So Good To Be Wrong- w/ Johnny Vicious
Beyonce- Satellites- w/ Tony Coluccio- Sony
Beyonce- Ego- w/ Johnny Vicious- Sony
Beyonce- Smash Into You- w/ Tony Coluccio- Sony
Beyonce- Broken Hearted Girl- w/ Tony Coluccio- Sony
Erika Jayne- Give You Everything- w/ Johnny Vicious
BoA- Did It For Love- w/ Johnny Vicious
Meena Heaven- Open Up Your Mind- w/ Tony Coluccio
Charlotte- Skin
TR feat. Frenchie Davis- Give Me Tonight- w/ Johnny Vicious
The Veronica’s- Take Me On The Floor- w/ Johnny Vicious
Maxwell- Pretty Wings- w/ Johnny Vicious
Carmen Reece- Right Here- w/ Tony Coluccio
America Olivo- Deja Vu- w/ Tony Coluccio
Solange- Would’ve Been The One- w/ Tony Coluccio
Anjulie- Rain- w/ Tony Coluccio
Solange- Fuck The Industry w/ Tony Coluccio
Beyonce feat Lady Gaga- Video Phone w/ Tony Coluccio
Beyonce- Why Don’t You Love Me w/ Tony Coluccio
Eva Simons- Silly Boy w/ Tony Coluccio
Sun- Fancy Free- w/ Johnny Vicious
Alumni- Just A Man- w/ Tony Coluccio
Erika Jayne- Pretty Mess w/ Johnny Vicious
Adam Lambert- For Your Entertainment w/ Johnny Vicious
Three 6 Mafia- Feel It w/ Tony Coluccio
Solange- I Told You So w/ Tony Coluccio
Zayra- Baby Likes To Bang w/ Tony Coluccio
Tiffany Evans- I’ll Be There w/ Tony Coluccio
Mary Mary- Walking w/ Tony Coluccio
Jennifer Hudson- Where You At w/ TKC
Beyonce- Run The World (Girls) w/ Tony Coluccio
Beyonce- Best Thing I Never Had w/ Tony Coluccio
Beyonce- Countdown w/ Tony Coluccio
Beyonce- Love On Top w/ Tony Coluccio
Katy B- On A Mission w/ Tony Coluccio
Katy B- Lights On w/ Tony Coluccio
Selena Gomez- Love You Like A Love Song w/ Tony Coluccio
Guinevere- Crazy Crazy w/ Tony Coluccio
Beyonce- End Of Time w/ Tony Coluccio
Deborah Cox- If It Wasn’t For Love w/ Tony Coluccio
John LePage feat. Debby Holiday- Key To Your Soul w/ Johnny Vicious
Rebecca Ferguson- Nothing’s Real But Love w/ Dom Capello
Frankie- All Right w/ Tony Coluccio
Keenan Cahill & Electrovamp- Hands Up w/ Tony Coluccio
Shara Strand- I Will Carry You w/ Tony Coluccio
Veronica Jensen- Indestructible w/ Tony Coluccio
Cole Plante, Myon & Shane 54 Ft. Koko LaRoo- Lie To Me w/ Tony Coluccio
Deborah Cox feat. Paige- Higher w/ Tony Coluccio
Kimberly Davis- With You w/ Tony Coluccio
Dawn Woods- Capture w/ Tony Coluccio
Katia- Girl Can’t Help It Now w/ Tony Coluccio
Asher Monroe feat. Chris Brown-Memory w/ Tony Coluccio
Idina Menzel- Let It Go w/ Tony Coluccio
Rita Ora- I will Never Let You Down w/ Tony Coluccio
Cher Lloyd- Sirens w/ Tony Coluccio
Sir Ivan- Here Comes The Sun w/ Tony Coluccio
Pris Maverick- Follow The Line w/ Tony Coluccio
Pris Maverick- What’s Done Is Done w/ Tony Coluccio
Olivia Somerlyn- Parachute w/ Tony Coluccio


[Engineering For Junior Vasquez]
Junior Vasquez- Be Quiet- JVM
Vicki Su Robinson- Move On- Groovilicious Music
Deepa Soul- Nowhere Love- Nervous Records
CeCe Peniston- Finally 2000- Unreleased

[songs appear on]
Various Artists
DJ Jackie Christie’s Hard Tasty Beats
DJ Skribble & Anthony Acid
MDMA, Vol. 2
Various Artists
John Blair Party CD: NYC’s Best DJ’s, V
Junior Vasquez
Junior’s Nervous Breakdown

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