DJ Escape

DJ Escape has spent the last decade touring the world playing the hits on the planet’s fiercest dance floors. “My nights are about fun, energy, and making sure people leave with memories,” he says.

These days, in addition to his home residency in New York with Sunday Service®, he continues to tour with his own Served party; however, his heart is focused on being an artist – creating new dance floor faves while reworking the classics to make them new again.  He and his studio partner – Tony Coluccio – have released several Billboard #1s including Idina Menzel’s “Let It Go”, Deborah Cox’s “Higher,” and Asher Monroe (featuring Chris Brown) “Memory.”

“I bring what I do in the DJ booth to the studio,” Escape explains. “The same high-energy beat that gets the kids hopping on my floor is found in my remixes and productions.”

He enjoys teasing crowds with samples, interspersing classic cuts into the hottest records of the day.  “I’m all about the mash-up.  It allows me to make a record my own.  Even when I play the hits, I play them in a way I guarantee no one has heard before.”

That unique style has led to his racking up more accomplishments than most spinners manage to do in a lifetime.  In addition to regularly working alongside superstars like Beyoncé and Gwen Stefani, Escape boasts global residencies at some of the world’s largest nightclubs, including Cielo in New York City.

Cielo is significant for Escape because his entire house music career began in New York at the famed Palladium nightclub.  Superstar spinner Junior Vasquez was in the booth that fateful night when Escape witnessed firsthand a new type of DJ:  one that was not merely a part of the frenzy but rather a driving force at its center.

“Up until that point, I had been a hip-hop DJ,” he recalls. “Junior’s music opened my eyes to an entire new world. I saw that music wasn’t just one element of a house party; it was the party.”

Escape carried that inspiration into the studio where he created the blistering original hard house production “Wer*Ship.” The song had DJs from coast to coast singing his praises as an up-and-coming force in the dance music movement.  Soon after, he found himself in the DJ booth at Liquid – Miami’s most popular gay club.

“That gig was a dream come true,” Escape remembers. “The crowd, the venue, the sound.  I never planned my sets.  Everything simply flowed through the night, and the boys in the crowd couldn’t get enough of it.”

Neither could the record executives.  Escape was offered a job as the A&R Coordinator at the Groovilicious/Strictly Rhythm record label. “It was the perfect collaboration,” he says.  “I was signing the hottest dance tracks during the day and then playing them in clubs at night.”

After his time with Groovilicious/Strictly Rhythm, Escape dove full force into remix production, teaming with soundboard dynamos Razor & Guido, Eddie Baez, Gomi, Dom Capello, Johnny Vicious, and even his role model Junior Vasquez.

He also took his party on the road, landing residencies in Brazil and Montreal and headlining mega-parties in Paris, Ibiza, and Japan.

Wearing multiple hats as DJ/Remixer/Producer/Promoter is a lot of work, conceded Escape, but it proves worth his time. “Making records makes me a better DJ, and DJing makes me a better producer,” he says.  “It also keeps me ahead of the pack.”

DJ Escape’s currently working on new productions with dance artists Robin S, Veronica, Inaya Day, Sandy B, and Alan T.  They are scheduled for a 2015 release as he re-launches his label: Groovilicious Records.

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